Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Need Senior Topic Ideas Please

So, for my senior visual communications project I am doing a series of graphic design pieces that I am calling "Objectify." I am doing three pieces that focus on a certain part of a person and sell it as if it is a product. I am not trying to make a statement or anything, I just think that it will be a more original idea and a better addition to my portfolio than just creating an ad campaign, since I already have enough of them created.

Ok, that was a mouthful. Anyway, I have narrowed the subjects and body parts I am using down to three.

Sarah Rosengrant - Teeth
Shannon Krapf - Hands
Justin Patrick - Brain

I had decided to use the words: Teeth, Grasp, and Cognition. However, after brainstorming with my Senior Project class, I think I need to change the words to either be all words that start with the letter "T", or make all of them be something physical (such as teeth). Grasp and Cognition are more things that the parts due, as apposed to a "product" themselves.

I have struggled with many ideas, and looked at a thesaurus to quite an extent, and I feel like my brain might be burnt out on it, so I would really like some outside input on the matter. If you could think of some alternative words to use for Hands and/or Brain that either start with "T" or are a physical representation of them besides the actual words "brain" or "hands," that would be amazing. Thank you everyone!

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